Google Drive Connector

Expand your document and storage system!


You are working with Google Drive on a daily basis? Combine Workplace Pure services with your Google Drive environment for smooth work processes. Store any documents processed via Workplace Pure directly on Google Drive.

A few examples

Scan from MFP

  1. Scan a paper document using your multi-function system
  2. Store the file created during this process directly onto Google Drive


  1. Combine a scan operation with a Workplace Pure service, e.g. Convert to PDF
  2. Store the PDF/A file created during this process right onto Google Drive


  1. Call up a file from Google Drive for translations via Translate
  2. Store the translated document right back onto Google Drive

Secure Pull-Print

  1. Send a file from Google Drive to a connected printer
  2. Walk up to device and securely authorise
  3. Pick up your print job


Supported file formats for upload:
All file formats supported by Google Drive

Supported file formats for Pull Print: